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SEO Brisbane

So are you scrolling through social media absent-mindedly, flipping through YouTube senselessly, and as you move from one channel/ platform to the other, you notice a pattern. And in a somewhat creepy way, you feel as if these apps can read your mind – you keep getting ads and details of products/ services you might have been looking for, and it feels as if you are watched. You’ve come to learn that these coincidences are a little game that algorithms like to play, but you are ever so vigilant and unnerved, becoming more conscious about cookies, your searches, and search histories, among others.

Well, if any of that sounds familiar to you, in any way, we understand all too well what it feels. But if you are an entrepreneur, it means that your senses are heightened, and you wish you could do the same for your business, for your audience to find you, even when they don’t know they are looking.

How? SEO. The algorithms, specific searches, and ad popups all have to do with perfect site optimization. These sites are using certain words or phrases which make frantic engines and algorithms trigger-happy, and most importantly, their websites’ architecture is structured in a way that makes the site rank high on search engine result pages. Would you imagine how business would be good for you if you had the same systems set up for your site?

The best part is that you can enjoy all these benefits, all thanks to our exceptional team of SEO consultants. We are all about delivering value to all our clients with the use of white-hat and data-driven SEO strategies and practices. And by employing tactics that are 100% in line with all the guidelines set up by Google, we’ll give your website more than a fighting chance – yours will be a site with the highest potential to rank high (and stay high) on search engine result pages.

First, we meet and talk about your business, needs, and future plans. Here we’ll analyze the SEO needs of your business/ brand the devise the best set of practices and strategies that work well for you. We understand that all businesses are created differently, and with that in mind, we’ll come up with a structure and process best-suited for you. 

Note that regardless of the specific path and process used by our team, our SEO strategies/ approaches (planning, outlining, and the implementation of the steps used to improve your site’s ranking on search engines) include:

  • Keyword research/ creation of the list of keywords for your brand (this is the most important step in SEO, ranking, and boosting brand image because it involves working with and selecting the best keywords for your brand.
  • Analysis of Google’s first page
  • Creation of great content 
  • Website’s optimization for search intent
  • Link building
  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Improvement and update of existing content (if any)

All these elements have to work together to keep Google’s ranking factors happy, boosting your ranking on the SERPs, increasing organic traffic, as well as organic leads.

You will also be happy to know that we are fully capable of handling your business needs, regardless of size, and all our recommendations will be based on the current statistics.