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Monthly Website Maintenance Service with A Fixed Cost Model

From web design companies promising fast-paced and technology-driven design concepts to the ones that promise and even offer more large-scale web design services affordably, any entrepreneur new to the online business world would be eager to sign up for the services, as soon as they go through the homepage.

But before you make what could be the biggest mistake in your online business and entrepreneurial journey, what else is that web design company offering?

While most web design packages are competitive and seem affordable, the quoted price doesn’t include the cost of website maintenance.

Good website design is essential to driving traffic to your site, and it might also lower your site’s bounce rates, but these benefits will only manifest on your stats scoresheet if you have the best website maintenance company behind your back. Well, unless you can hire an inhouse website maintenance team!

Before you brush this off, take a look at the top benefits of monthly website management on the fixed-cost model:

  • A boost to the site’s security by lowering the risk of your site getting hacked
  • It increases site traffic
  • It boosts user/ visitor experience
  • It saves time and money
  • It boosts the loading and site speeds

And this is where we come in. Besides the cheap web design services, we also offer the best website maintenance services.

Our small business website maintenance services are available in different website maintenance packages that start from $99/month, the best rates on the market.

Some of the services we offer during the monthly maintenance include:

  1. Hacking prevention – you might not believe this, but even the small companies get hacked. In fact, small companies are the biggest targets for hackers because of the assumption that they are small, and they don’t have much to offer. Keep in mind that regardless of the size of your business, data is the most valuable asset to you and to hackers.
  2. Regular data backups – You don’t have to be reminded of how much money you’d lose if you lost data!
  3. Code cleanup – ignoring codes introduces more vulnerabilities to your website
  4. Plugin updates – for the smooth running of your website
  5. Website edits – this includes constant site developments, user administration/ configuration, and content management.

Interested in saving money and time, contact us today.