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SEO Perth

While Google uses at least 200 ranking factors to determine the websites and web pages that rank high on the search engine result pages, and with the top 5 of all organic search results taking up 67.60% of the online clicks, it’s becoming harder for websites and online stores – especially the ones lacking a strong financial muscle – to rank. What this means is that business owners need to make smarter moves, and this means investing in the services of an SEO consultant. By experts, we mean honest professionals who understand the digital marketing game, specifically, everything to do with SEO.

Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of small and large businesses seeking the best professional help to propel their businesses to greater lengths, which is why we believe that we would be the best company to have by your side. Years of experience and working with teams of professionals who understand the whole SEO landscape well, we have witnessed and grown with the changes that have taken place in the digital space over the years, and we understand not only that best of today’s SEO practices but also have the capacity to anticipate future trends/ changes.

About SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization essentially represents the practices that are incorporated to get targeted traffic to your website with the use of organic rankings from the search engines. In other words, SEO has to do with the practices and the strategies used to improve the rankings of a site organically (no paid ads).

SEO represents a large and a whole huge realm in the digital world, and though a lot goes into it, the end goal is one – attracting and increasing organic traffic. With Google accounting for more than three-quarters of the total global desktop search traffic, all your digital marketing efforts need to be geared towards the creation of a system that encourages an increase in organic traffic, which is where we come in.

Why Us?

As a leading SEO agency in Perth, an agency whose core values include accountability, transparency, integrity, and teamwork, we pride ourselves in a team and an organization that is client-centered. In a bid to ensure top-ranking of your site, we not only know what makes Google happy today but also know what not to do. We don’t take shortcuts, which is why our first order of business would be to analyze the current systems set in place by your business. While leaning on your business needs, we will identify what works and what doesn’t, then recommend and put in action some of the best (and would be) and the most effective strategies. Our strategies and recommendations are data-driven, which means that we do not offer any recommendations based on assumptions.

Among others, some of the best strategies we employ in SEO Perth include keyword research, content marketing, link building, blogging and copywriting, Google Analytics, as well as technical SEO and data analysis. These approaches are only implemented after we define the strategies that would work best for your company.  We’ll also follow up, track, and report about your site’s progress in a bid to optimize the SEO strategies implemented.