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Affordable SEO Service

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, your success in expanding your reach online depends on the SEO strategies you (or your consultant) employs. Are the strategies proven? Are they actionable? Will they increase traffic to your site in the long run? Are the SEO practices going to boost your organic reach? And can you afford the services, without opting for cheap SEO services that take you down the drain?

These are some of the questions we receive from our clients. And to answer the last question first, keep in mind that the affordability of SEO services depends on the amount of revenue generated by your company. And in as much as we provide affordable SEO services using our reputed SEO Consultant , our services are foolproof, and you’ll pay more than what cheap SEO companies charge. The reason for this is that Good SEO is expensive.  We offer good SEO which means that while working with your budget, we also keep our rates reasonable to ensure that the SEO strategies employed pay off in the long run.

Unlike cheap SEO services companies, our services will involve working every aspect of SEO, which basically means a relatively intensive capital injection on your part, but overall success in SEO. We promise a boost in ranking which will increase the organic traffic to your site and eventually increase your sales and revenue.

To make sense of what we mean by good SEO and affordable SEO services, let’s define some terms.

What is (Good) SEO?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization refers to the practice that allows and leads to the increase in the quality and the quantity of the traffic to your website, all thanks to organic results on search engines.

With 93% of online experiences starting from search engines, employing the best SEO strategies makes sure that your target customers find the solutions to their problems in your content.

Good SEO involves the utilization of both capital-dependent and time-dependent strategies. And as an affordable SEO services company, we make sure that your budget is not stretched, but still able to meet the needs of your business.

Unlike cheap SEO services companies who will only focus on the time-dependent elements of SEO like keyword research and page optimization, we focus on offering these, as well as the capital-intensive/ dependent services such as content SEO, link building, and backlinks. You don’t have to worry about the horror stories about an unreliable SEO company that doesn’t create high-quality content or one unable to spend time in link outreach.

It’s also important to mention that the use of good SEO strategies is an essential factor not just for access and ranking on Google, but also on other sites that require searches like Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. Our work will, therefore, under the guidance of your location/ target audience and kind of business you are doing focus on optimizing your website to ensure you rank high on search engines and every other platform.

Why Does Your Business Need SEO?

SEO is effective in targeting high-quality organic traffic since SEO is a customer-centric, inbound digital marketing strategy. In a report by HubSpot, inbound marketing strategies, read SEO, result in high-quality leads that convert to customers often.

SEO doesn’t involve paying for ads. Using Google as an example, you should know that this search engine relies on the information collected by its algorithms. What this means is that good SEO will result in the creation of web pages that target search engines deem worthy of ranking, years later.

Good SEO guarantees more clicks than PPC. Even though the use of PPC ads push your website to the top of search engines, you have to pay for that ranking, and serious customers know better than to trust you. Most users will click on the site that ranks high on the search engines because of the trust in algorithms. With algorithms like PageRank capable of sniffing the quality and relevance of content, if your page ranks on top of the search engines, users will trust you more than a PPC ad.

SEO is good for PR. Often, these two marketing strategies work independent of each other, but when used together, SEO and PR guarantee impressive results. How? Link building. With reputable sites linking to your content (thanks to optimized content), your SEO strategies get to work with your PR strategies, boosting your ROI.

Finally, SEO is an excellent stepping stone that pushes you ahead of your competition. All you need to do is work on your online presence and your SEO strategies.

What Affordable SEO services do we offer?

  • Site Assessment
  • Keyword research
  • On-page SEO – meta tags, URL optimization, page title, heading tags, body text
  • Technical SEO – page loading speed, mobile friendliness, and site security
  • UX optimization – pages per session, time on site, and bounce rate
  • Content marketing
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO
  • Reputation management

Advantages of Affordable SEO?

While a $5,000 budget on SEO is affordable to a company that generates a lot of revenue, it might not be the case for you, especially when you’re starting out. However, this is not an excuse for you to pick the company that offers the cheapest services because you will not reap any benefits. We want you to enjoy SEO services that pay off months and years after a strategy is put in place.

  • Convenience

Often, an affordable SEO services company will evaluate the needs of your business, and even though they expect their pay, they will take your business and your finances into account, then work out an SEO strategy that works for your business at the time.

  • Tiered service packages

While it’s obvious that a startup might not have to pay much for SEO, in comparison to established businesses, other SEO companies you engage require you to pay more than you can afford.

We do the opposite. Once we’ve evaluated your business needs, we customize a plan just for you. The plan, though affordable, will have all the basic SEO elements your business needs for its continual success in the future. You might also like the ease with which you can migrate your services from a higher package as your business grows.

  • Expert Team

Without burning holes in your wallet, our team is made of highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated SEO experts who listen to you and advice on the best course of action, easily.

  • Custom Services

We appreciate the versatility of business models and the fact that different structures are always required for different businesses to work. With this in mind, our team curates SEO strategies depending on the actual needs of your brand, your target audience, and niche.

  • Saves money

Choosing an SEO company based on its price tag means that you save a little money, or even work on a shoestring budget.  Also, you only pay for the services you need.

  • A wide range of services

While offering affordable SEO services, we cover over 250 aspects of ranking as per the search engine requirements.

Disadvantages of Affordable SEO

There is the undeniable fact that your business could easily lose out on some specific and high-end services or tools if you’re budget is too tight. Like buying a web hosting package that’s affordable, there are important features you miss out on when using the basic plan. This tiered plan for affordable SEO packages has similar bottlenecks.

You also run the risk of working with an unreliable company that might refuse to release your historical data should you choose to move to another company.

How to choose a good but affordable SEO company

Don’t let the affordable SEO plans fool you into working with a company that doesn’t deliver the promised results.

But, you can prevent this from happening by having a checklist to guide you in the search for the best affordable SEO company. You get to choose even when on a budget. Here are some of the things you need in your checklist:

  • Clearly SEO Goals

For the right SEO team, first, highlight the areas of your website/online presence that needs to be worked on. Do you have a website and only need SEO services or would your services include web design and web development on top of SEO? If you only need SEO, the company you approach should be able to run a digital marketing analysis for data of what (how) needs to be done.

  • Define the SEO Budget

Though you’re looking for affordable services, you must have a budget to guide your choices. In your search for the best SEO services, you should ask about the deals and packages offered by the company, as well as their price ranges and T&Cs.

  • Does the SEO company offer tracking services?

An SEO company must track your SEO data to measure the performance of your business and to make necessary tweaks. Data to be tracked include the click-through rates, site visits, contact forms, phone calls, and bounce rates, among others.

  • Reputation

Are you looking for unbiased opinions about an SEO company? Check out their reviews on review sites like Yelp, Google, and Glassdoor. You could also call the SEO agency and ask for details of their services. A reputable company is transparent in all its answers.

Cost of services

We understand the needs of small businesses, and also just how hard it is to find an SEO consultant who can work with your company to ensure the growth of a strong online brand. For this reason, we will work with you directly to come up with unique strategies to boost your visibility, increase organic traffic to your site, and generate healthy leads, and boost your sales.

Since most respectable SEO consultancy firms don’t have time for small businesses, our goal is to bridge that gap and offer you exactly what you need.

So how much do we charge? Well, our rates are not fixed, and you only pay for the SEI services you need. We don’t have rates capped on your results and no specific hours to get the results you need. Also, we do not promise impossible things like instant leads, doubled traffic, overnight #1 ranking, or search engine submissions – that’s not how good SEO works. Good SEO is a process. This is why our team will make sure they cover each of the 250 search engine aspects to grow your brand.