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Google Ads Management

One of the areas of digital marketing that you will need expert/ professional help with is in Google Ads management. Among other reasons, Google Ads Management means understanding what it takes for you to successfully run Google AdWords campaigns.

Now, if you are new to the digital marketing space, and even if you have very little experience, you will agree with us that successfully building an AdWords account from scratch is quite a labor-intensive and if you don’t have the right set of skills and knowledge about Google Ads, you would easily panic or make costly mistakes. It is, therefore, crucial that you engage pros in this whole process. Because in as much as the set up of the account is tough, the actual beasty process lies in the management of your Google Ads account. And having been in this industry for years now, we know all too well that the management of AdWords, especially if you only use AdWords alone can be overwhelming. AdWords alone doesn’t offer any assistance with things like the bidding strategy, campaign structure, or even the ad-copy optimization, which means that unless you have the finances and skills needed to invest in the right software applications for keyword research, strategic bidding, or the determination of the right campaign structure, you are better off turning over this work to the professionals.

How Will We Help?

Besides helping you set up your Google AdWords account, we’ll run and manage the account with the help of our experienced consultant who will work together to facilitate the creation of a targeted and successful AdWords Campaign.

Our team is also made of the best copywriters who will initiate and take over the ad copy creation process. You can look forward to exceptional ad copies that sit right with your business, and in the process, promise high click-through rates. In addition to copy, we’ll come up with converting landing page designs which will attract and convert even more customers, while also boosting the customer retention rates. And to ensure that we are putting out the best ad campaigns, our teams will run A/B tests, which will allow us to not only analyze but also to understand the behavior of your customers and leads, eventually picking the options with the highest conversion rates. Lastly, we’ll track your results continuously and offer accurate reports and analytics consistently. Tracking the results frequently allows us to tweak different aspects of the campaign in good time to ensure consistently high and positive results.

Our process – In Summary

  • Adapting (and targeting) to the needs of your audience
  • Alignment of your value proposition and the sales funnel
  • A/B Testing
  • Ads Optimization through account structures, bid management, and understanding the competition
  • Growth through leveraging of the power of remarketing and the use of displays
  • Expansion

Our range of Google Ads Management Services includes competitor and market analysts, ads testing, keyword research (location specific), remarketing, conversion tracking, bid budget management, PPC account management, campaign performance analysis, improvements, and monthly reporting.

All these are made possible by our investment in the best Google Ads Management Software.