How an independent SEO consultant can grow your business?

April 12, 2022
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Hiring a reliable SEO specialist is the biggest challenge than global warming for small businesses! I am not trying to be witty here! having come from humble beginnings and as an immigrant, I understand the risk that a small business owner is taking in this day and age by investing his hard-earned dollar hoping that some so-called expert can grow his business and take him to the next level.

Before you make that decision you need to ask some serious questions and find answers.

In First Place Are You Ready To Grow Your Business To That Next Level?

This is a very interesting question that I ask my customers who want to sign up to quadruple their online presence to get more customers. Setting up progressive goals and working towards achieving those, gaining 100 %, 200 %, 300% growth percentages are not easy unless we all work as a team. There are few things to consider before we start launching our self into the growth orbit, as a business owner you need to able to spend some time to have a chat with your local SEO expert to understand where we are heading, wins and losses, plan of action moving forward. At FairgoSEO™ I make sure that the knowledge transfer happens from day 1, gone those days of not having a clue about what your online marketing company is doing other than debiting money from your account constantly.

Is There A Set Ranking Formula To Out Rank Competitors?

Each website is different and each industry is different, what worked for Tim may not work for Tom. Even if you read Google quality guidelines document that says there are more than 250 + ranking factors that need to be met to rank ahead of your competitors, unfortunately, more than 95% of SEO companies won’t even touch 50 of them to rank keywords for your business. As a result, 6 months into the campaign with under 20% of agreed keywords will be on page 1, rest are still unmoved. The best way to achieve great results in any SEO campaign is spending more time understanding the competitive landscape, assess where you are, put a constructive content plan, reach out to quality websites to get votes to increase the trust score of your website, show off your social skills, Repeat the same thing again and again, maintain the consistency, this will take your website to great heights on SERP pages on all major search engines. Melbourne’s 

online marketing industry is massive, with many websites going live everyday occupying real-estate in their given industry. One should be very diligent in adopting a bespoke optimization strategy that is in line with Google’s ever-changing ranking algorithm.

A ranking formula can be found for your website only if you have a quality SEO consultant and other search engine core components. When you find that sweet spot, I recommend not to shake things up too much, just stick to what’s working for your business and keep feeding search engines with the same practices. But the challenge is there are only very few experts who can deliver to their clients consistently. Many of them just get carried away by underestimating the powerful ever-changing algorithm, we all know what happens when you underestimate the powerful ranking algorithm, in those instances businesses even struggle to find their name, this is very stressful for small business owners. In my experience of interacting with many small to medium business owners, more than 98% of them struggle to find an SEO company in Melbourne who produces consistent results month on month and year on year. The area where search marketing companies in Melbourne fail repeatedly is either over-optimizing or less optimizing compare to the websites that are ranking well ahead of you.

Over optimizing is the area where companies go overboard by placing spam or hidden content blocks, keyword stuffing, building spam backlinks to get real quick wins, who are not permanent, complicating the website architecture by confused site navigations and the list goes on. Under optimizing is an area where companies wouldn’t even perform basic optimization techniques recommended by Google and other search engines, this is again majorly due to poor planning, price-driven strategy, lack of understanding of core algorithmic changes. If you want to rank your business on page 1 results in your local area or Melbourne wide or Australia-wide, lookout for a professional who is highly experienced in advanced optimization techniques. Don’t hesitate to ask your marketing company all the questions you have, it’s important to understand their methods as much as they do about yours.

Who Is The Best SEO Provider In Melbourne For Your Business?

I strongly recommend not to get lost in the bells and whistles of fat cats in the SEO industry, don’t get fooled by the luxury looking websites, offices, and sales materials, those are useless for you and your business. I am not being arrogant here, that’s the hard reality, so many small and medium business owners don’t realize that they indirectly working hard to make the SEO company bosses rich! There is nothing wrong in helping but not to an extent of putting your business at risk, I worked in all so-called digital agencies and SEO companies, I hate to say that nearly all of them operate in the same manner, profits first rest are secondary. That’s why I have decided to play the game differently with integrity and self-respect. Although I always lend my hand when they needed, like when they are about to lose their biggest client or when they can’t understand why their client’s website not moving for the last 6 months, there are so many other pitfalls that a general small business owner doesn’t consider or aware when choosing a right marketing partner.

Ok, lets cut to the chase, the best method that worked for many and still works is the method of investing in a trusted resource than investing in a funky agency that has no time or respect for you or your business. In this day and age where everybody is moving towards artificial intelligence, but we got to understand one thing that they still needed to be coded or controlled by someone who sits behind that computer! Invest in a trusted and best SEO Melbourne resource who can get the job done. The reason I recommend to invest in resource over large agency is your business will be treated and looked after with respect and responsibility, they have low overheads, low infrastructure costs, fuel costs, expensive lunches whatnot. More than anything they listen to you and your business.

Are all Independent SEO Specialists in Melbourne are good?

Truth is a guy from college or a self-taught learner form watching YouTube videos are also calling them SEO experts! People who change 4 agencies in a year also do the same thing, important fact one should know is the majority of people who call themself digital strategists in an agency is not actually from search marketing background! Because the agency just needs someone good one phone and can sell. One thing that every small business owner needs to consider is how one can master something without taking it seriously or doing it for long enough, 

I mean long enough the same thing again and again. In the SEO game, one can only sit at top of the ladder only by getting exposed to thousands and thousands of situations combating different algorithms, doing mistakes, realizing them, fixing them, experimenting, deploying, constantly optimizing, crunching numbers, protecting client digital footprints list just goes on. So one shouldn’t trust overnight experts or superstars, then the results will also be short stayed, to achieve long sustainable results go with someone who had seen all the highs and lows of Google algorithmic changes and acts proactively than reactive. Of course, the supers stars of the SEO industry come with a big price tag, but what if there is someone provide both, great result oriented SEO freelancer? This is the area FairGoSEO™ wants to operate and grow with the businesses.

What’s Special About FairGo SEO, Why Our Average Client Relationship is 3 plus years?

Average client relationship tenure plays a very major role in choosing the right SEO provider for your business, one would be surprised to know that more than 98% of Search engine optimization companies pay their salespeople commissions based on a 6 months tenure, this clearly shows that they expect you to be with them for 6 months and their job is to make you happy with their barrage of great-looking reports and topped by timely phone calls by their account managers.

You might be hearing this term quite often from the agency account managers calling some of the clients as their “ best clients “, who are the best clients and how do you categorize them? high paying? or clients who don’t say anything even their business Is been outperformed by their competitors? Agencies and their staff are so lost in running behind customers who pay the premium price. I did the same when I worked there willingly or unwillingly and realized very quickly that growth potential is not with someone who got deep pockets, even a small business owner who has the right and attitude and support from their marketing company can grow to great heights and take you with them.

That’s where the idea of FairgoSEO™ was born, with a principle of stop judging and servicing the client based on his monthly budget! if I do the right thing in the right way that small businesses could grow to the next level in no time. I Stuck to it right from the word go and never looked back. Our average client relationship tenure is a minimum of 3+ years, this is unreal and unheard of in the industry of inconsistency. How I did it ? is very simple, treating myself as an external stakeholder of the business and putting myself in your shoes. FairGo was built on pillars of maintaining absolute transparency, valuing knowledge transfer, being proactive than reactive, always go that extra mile when needed.

Conquering SEO Melbourne market since 2012, Real Customers, 

Real Results, Real Reviews. Don’t just choose an SEO company by reading a review online!talk to a real customer who grew his or her business by choosing the smartest SEO expert in town.

Yes, great things can happen when great minds collaborate if you want to seriously grow your business online and not to worry about working with someone who has a funky office or a fancy PO box address, but still packs a punch, Then FairGo is the place!

I am ready with the strategy and skill to knock your competition down, With my 12 years of SEO experience of working with businesses in Melbourne, you are guaranteed an exceptional return on investment day in day out. Don’t worry about where you are now, start thinking about how soon you want to grow. I look forward to getting some great wins for ourselves. You can call me on 04025 or contact me by filling the contact form.