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How is your business’ relationship with Facebook? Have you learned of all the impactful ways that you could use the world’s largest social platform to generate quality leads and boost sales?

Well, if you haven’t, now is the best time for your business to gain a foothold into the social media world, and for you to increase your sales organically, and who better to help your business achieve greater heights than experts in social media marketing? But this doesn’t mean that if you already have a Facebook business page, then that’s it for you, and we won’t guide you. The truth is that there are several businesses like you who, despite having a presence and a good following on Facebook, aren’t really turning a profit on the platform. If this sounds like you, then you need to recognize the fact that you aren’t exploiting Facebook to its fullest potential – the likes, comments, and those followers are not enough, and certainly they aren’t the only perks you get from Facebook. There’s so much this social media platform has in store for you, and we will help you make the most out of Facebook.

You need to keep in mind that just because you are using Facebook advertising doesn’t mean that you are getting everything good Facebook has to offer. It’s important to remember that you can get great returns from Facebook.

But before we look at some of the ways that we could help you turn a good profit from Facebook, let’s look at the reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate Facebook as a source of extra income for your business.

Why Facebook?

Facebook boasts at least 2 billion active users who spend several hours each day, and each week on the platform. Unlike other platforms, it’s the most cost-effective option for advertising, with the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ranging from $5-$10. So, to reach 1000 people, you’d only need to spend $10. It’s clear, therefore, that Facebook, through Facebook ads, offers you an incredibly affordable opportunity to reach as many of your desired audience as you can imagine, and the best part is that you get to sell to these people directly. By leveraging Facebook Ads, you get to grow your business significantly in a measurable and predictable fashion.

So, Why Do You Need Us?

Although Facebook advertising appears simple and something that just about anyone can do, there is so much that goes into the advertising process, which means that in as much as Facebook makes high revenue exceeding several billion each year, in advertising revenues alone, most Facebook Marketeers are unable to optimize the platform to create big results. Creating that Facebook Ad might be simple, but making money out of it is tough.

We understand how Facebook Ads work, how to use the platform, and how to adhere to all the regulations and policies put up by Facebook, and with the experience amassed by our teams, we will be able to boost your brand’s image, conversion, and sales.

We employ strategies such as Facebook remarketing, A/B Split Testing, conversion optimization, as well as lookalike audiences. These strategies mean that we are able to create the most effective ads for you while optimizing your pages for the best results. Testing and measuring performance helps us tweak strategies early on. And the installation of reliable conversion pixels on your business’ website means that we’ll pinpoint the actual number of leads and sales recorded during set periods.

Thanks to these strategies, we’ll help you run/ implement a successful/ profitable Facebook campaign.