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G’day and welcome to FairgoSEO™ – your local one-stop destination for information, services, and advice regarding search engine optimizationand making sure your brand is seen by your intended audience.The internet has made the world a smaller place, but the internet is a minefield of algorithms and data that can be baffling at times.

That’s where we come in! We’re here to help you make you more SEO savvy and to offer value-for-money SEO services regardless of your budget. For a brief rundown, check out our FAQ below.

If you are after a trusted SEO Freelancer who is local to help your business grow, lets chat and set some serious goals!

I follow a proven ranking formula which worked for many of the businesses in Melbourne,Adelaide, Sydney and Australia wide. It’s a simple formula that works around analyzing your existing SERP positioning vs your competitors whom you are losing customers to, then we design a bespoke growth hacking plan to win those customers back , this plan or strategy can be implemented  either by your team or our dedicated seo consultant , depending on the Affordable SEO Pricing plan that you choose to grow your business. we care for overall growth of your business, with full dedication and honesty.  100% of all the campaigns we handle see the change in the first 90 days with progressive and sustainable growth

Every dollar counts when working with a small business. Maximizing return for your ad spend is our duty! We do that quite well with uttermost dedication in every step of the way.

Maintaining full transparency in every aspect of the campaign is our strength. This is the main pillar of our success in growing small businesses with affordable online marketing budgets. We take full ownership approach of our actions.

Hitting the ground running from day 1 is our specialty. We set realistic goals with consistent growth as main target. Returns can be anywhere between 3x to 200x for your ad spend

Our clients love us – Our Average Client Relationship Is 38 months

Tired of listening to agencies with sugar coated sales tactics? Unsure of choosing an SEO expert with the skill to grow your business online?  with an experience of working in those agencies, we have unlearnt all those sleazy sales tactics & learned how to add value by producing month on month and year on year sustainable results for your business.

With our bespoke SEO strategies, you are always stepping ahead of your competitors. If you are serious of growing your business online with sustainable and high ROI solutions, let us partner up and grow together.

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