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April 12, 2022
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You are here because you are looking for the best SEO consultants Melbourne. And it makes total sense. Growing SEO delivers results. SEO not only makes you known across the billion-user internet, but it also increases your ROI, and it is the only thing that will push your website to the front page of search engine result pages, to be specific Google.

According to a report by the SEO Tribunal, up to 61 percent of companies listed Growing SEO as their top marketing strategy and business priority. Chances are, you are part of this statistic. You want to boost your brand awareness and to profit from having your website online, right?

Well, that would also mean that you need us. FairgoSEO is your top digital marketing expert offering the best SEO services across Australia. We offer excellent SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), CRO (Conversion rate optimization), and SMO (Social media optimization) services, among others.

In billion-dollar SEO industry, finding the SEO Freelancer that is willing to work with and grow your business, at whichever level, is confusing and frustrating. And this is where we come in. Our understanding of SEO and SEO trends in specific industries and across the board is a top reason why working with us will be a sublime, profitable experience.

Now, before we look at how we will help you, why do you need SEO? Because like it or not, you absolutely SEO. And no, SEO is NOT dead.

Your organic traffic is often your primary source of website traffic, and Google contributes to 75 percent of online searches in the market.

SEO will build credibility and trust for your business with your online authority coming from positive user-behavior, machine learning signals, having high-quality backlink profiles and page/ content optimization.

Good SEO is an indicator of positive user experience because it results in maximum visibility and organic rankings.

Local SEO, done right, will increase traffic, engagement, and overall conversions.

When you understand SEO, your understanding of the online landscape improves.

Finally, you need SEO because it is relatively cheap, and the results are quantifiable.

Now that we are on one page, what makes us your best bet at SEO?

Who Are We?

We are the best SEO consultant Melbourne. Our team of SEO experts will run tests on your website and use the best tools to guarantee a perfectly optimized website; without burning holes in your pockets.

Our SEO team (local) will help you build citations, add links, optimize your web listing, create Google Places, and land your website on top of the local pack.

Our mission is to provide the highest possible level of customer satisfaction within the industry. For this, we aim to establish a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with all the clients we interact with. Our vision is to be your most innovative, honest, and effective SEO consultancy company in Melbourne, providing high-end expertise to every client, ensuring maximum results.

Why choose us as your SEO specialists?

We are experts at everything SEO. And being a long-term marketing strategy, we offer the best of online marketing – SEO, Local SEO, Email marketing, social media marketing, and PPC marketing. All these services stem from your need for wholesome consultancy services that result in high conversion rates and even higher ROIs.

While looking for the best, most comprehensive SEO services, we’d like to mention that the services and advice we offer you will be specific to the needs of your business/ niche. Also, there are no quick fixes in SEO and SEO will never compensate for poor products.

Which SEO Services Do We Offer?

Search Engine Optimisation

As mentioned above, SEO is the path to high organic traffic, conversion rates, and high ROI. But do you know what SEO really is or the elements that fit and complete the huge SEO jigsaw puzzle?

What is SEO?

Well, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the overall process of optimizing your website and its contents for the website to appear in positions of prominence in organic search results of the respective search engine. For everything on your website to work towards driving traffic to your web pages, an understanding of the entire SEO process is important.

A focus on Google, the biggest search engine, reveals that this search engine develops and improves on its algorithm continuously, creating the most sophisticated machine which learns as it grows. While this means that human comprehension of SEO might become limited, our SEO specialist Melbourne team is always on top of things to ensure that they recommend and use SEO strategies work. And with the search engine constantly increasing and raising its SEO requirement, it means that the use of meta-keywords, a strategy that worked beautifully in the past, will not work too well today. Today, SEO is about using synonyms and headings for the inlays, while keeping them relevant. Working SEO is currently about optimizing your website for the best user experience, and your profitability.

If you are unable to contextualize this and create/ implement SEO strategies for your business, our SEO specialist Melbourne is here to help you.

Some of the SEO solutions we offer include but are not limited to link building, local SEO, keyword analysis, on-page SEO, content optimization, link optimization, and advanced SEO/ external linking.

All these elements of SEO are important because search engines will drive at least 93 percent of all website traffic. Before we outline the specific measures you need to employ for your website, we will evaluate your business needs then come up with an ideal strategy.

Keyword Analysis

Ranking by search is no longer what it used to be, and stuffing keywords into your content will not work. So, even when we analyze your keywords (the ones you are interested in) and the ones targeted by your competitors, we will analyze and find you the best opportunity keyword. This is the keyword that will create opportunities for users to find your web pages. For this to happen, you have to choose keywords that are relevant to your users.

Keyword research and analysis will involve entering the keyword you have in mind into Google Search then use the results returned – ad, snippet, and People Also Ask, to find your best results. Such keywords have a high organic click-through rate, hence the term opportunity keywords. Our team will focus on such keywords to increase your chances of success.

Our analysis also involves a deliberate analysis of Google’s first page. Doing this helps you find what is working for your chosen keyword.

But, that is not all; we understand that the search for the right/ relevant takes time and requires resources; hence the use of industry’s best SEO tools.

Once we identify the best keyword for your business, out consultant will assign the keyword to your web pages, on the website.

The keyword research/ analysis step is never rushed through because it is the backbone of your SEO campaign. The keyword chosen is, basically, the phrase you wish to rank for.

On-Page/ Site SEO

This takes place in two steps: first, we fix anything broken on your site then we will optimize the web page titles, the meta keywords, and the meta descriptions. This step also involves looking up your website on Google to ensure that nothing none of your pages are blocked, to ensure that the search engines can index every content on your website, and to check that all links are followed. The onsite analysis also checks to make sure that your website’s backend is in perfect shape for indexing by Google. Other technical bits evaluated include sitemaps, robots.txt, videos, and images, among others.

Content Optimisation

After keywords, you have content. And when it comes to SEO, you can either improve the content on your web pages or create different content. We understand content is like the blood in your body; the right content must reach your audience at the right time. The content should be relevant and in line with the Google Hummingbird update. So, to meet the requirements of the update, your web content should be conversational, written for humans, and geared towards human search.

With this in mind, our team will work on the delivery of high-end SEO-optimized content for inbound content marketing success. Such content drives huge volumes of traffic, encourages social sharing and increases links to your website.

Not to brag, but we believe that ours is the best content creation/ marketing teams out there, with the content manager and the editorial team focused on creating the highest quality content.

Besides creating content that stands out, we ensure that all content created is optimized around mobile SEO, not the decreasing number of desktop users.

Link Building

As your website grows and the number of web pages increase, you will find that creating a working SEO structure gets tougher by the day, especially when yours is a fragmented strategy. Which is the other reason why you need our team? As a SEO expert Melbourne, our experts working with millions of other pages will ensure that your website’s internal linking structure is working well, and architecturally correct.

But, this does not mean that we cannot handle your growing business. Our SEO services extend to the young and grown businesses which is why we will maximize your budget, and still offer the best internal linking strategy.

The focus on link building comes from the fact that web linking increases ranking; but only if done correctly. Otherwise, you risk getting a penalty from Google.

For the best internal linking, focus on links from authority pages to the web pages that need authority. Use short and keyword-rich URLs and semantic SEO.

Backlinks/ External Linking

Backlinks create a hook for your website. And to ensure that your website is well-primed for high conversion rates and high ROI, our team will offer advanced SEO strategies, as well as backlink solutions that work. Backlinks build credibility.

For the best backlinking strategies, experts encourage creating new, trendy content, comprehensive guides, or case studies. Focus on these areas has various linking opportunities.

Local SEO

Why spend so much money on SEO if local clients won’t reach your business? The truth is that in as much as you want to reach a global market, your website should first be able to serve/ offer value to your local clients. For this to happen, your website must be optimized for local SEO. For example, in as much as we can provide consultative services to businesses around the world, we aim to be the leading SEO consultant Melbourne, offering the best of SEO consultancy services in Melbourne, and the rest of Australia.

So, we will work with your company, optimizing pages and content to keep it relevant to your local users. Local SEO optimization will include ensuring that your exact location is on your website, along with your exact address.

Local SEO is crucial because the search engines rely on specific signals like social media profile pages, local content, links, as well as citations to give the most relevant local results to online users.

Some of the things that our team will do include Optimising your website for Google My Business and updating the website’s internal linking structure, as well as the optimization of title tags, content, URL, headers, and meta descriptions. Location pages and updating the WWW directories are also important. So, these are just some of the SEO services we will offer. Others include content marketing, conversion optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Is SEO Enough?

Though SEO is critical to the success of your website, it is not everything. You also need help with advertising, web design, and reputation management, among others.

Can you guarantee a top-ranking website?

Yes, we not only guarantee top-ranking, but we also promise the best conversion rates, high organic traffic, and high ROI. Our confidence is fueled by our experience in SEO and the involvement of people who are not only talented but passionate about SEO.

How do your SEO services work?

Primarily, we focus on maximizing your website’s visibility. For this, we’ll recommend and help you effectuate specific changes to improve your website’s ranking. Finally, we will furnish you with periodic reports to help you gauge the performance of your investment.

Boosting your ranking, for example, will involve a site audit, research/analysis/optimization, and an analysis of your backlink profile.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

The simplest/ shortest answer: it depends. The total cost depends on who your SEO consultant Melbourne is, the specific services you need, and how long you want to work with us. However, all these aside, you must pay for the best quality services only.

Bottom line – You need your website to rank on top of SERPs because 42 percent of web searchers will click on the top-ranking result and only 8 percent click on the second-ranking page. Also, 75 percent of users don’t go past the first page of SERPs.